Ameba Fashion Apps – Me Love Her and Girls Pic

Ameba is a popular social networking and blogging company in Japan which has many different platforms from blogs to online games and apps. I’ve used several of their sites from Poupee (a virtual closet which you basically have a pictorial inventory of your make up, clothes and accessories) to creating a blog account to follow the model blogs I read hosted by Ameba. Many Japanese models have their official blog with Ameba! Anyways, I wanted to share two of the Ameba apps I use, Me Love Her and most recently Girls Pic.

I browse through these apps when I’m feeling uninspired fashion-wise. They’re great resources to see style pictures and since they’re most of “real girl” users, the street style quality lends itself easily to attainable fashion!

Here’s some screen shots:

Girls Pic

Girls Pic is like Instagram but just for girls! Like Instagram you upload photos and have the ability to follow other users and like their pics and have your pics liked but they have categories like Nails, Cosme, Fashion and Lifestyle (for all those pics of cute donuts, blue skies, lattes, macarons, little kids etc). What’s satisfying about Girls Pic is that with Instagram and even Facebook, I think it’s pretty questionable how many people want to see new make up or clothes I’m excited about but since this is a straightforward forum of a bunch of other girls super excited about sharing their fashionable obsessions you know it’s being well received not irritating someone’s newsfeed! LOL!





Me Love Her

Me Love Her is an aggregate of model’s blog pics which is great because it is a quick and easy way to see what the most popular looks are from popular blogs on Ameba. You have a Favorites folder where you can save all your favorite looks. There isn’t a function where you can share your own pictures like Girls Pic as it’s mostly to view the looks of well known people.





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