Back to School Girl’s Wardrobe Tips: Ladylike Classics and Borrowing from the Boys!

My uncle once told me I dress my daughter like she a Swiss boarding school student — about right. I prefer ladylike classics with boyish preppy accents. A key tip for women’s fashion, to keep it interesting is to borrow from the boys and I do the same when I dress my daughter. Confinement to just the hypercutesy fare of girls’ clothing is too flamboyant and mundane and really pretty lame. No one should embarass their daughter with a pink tutu skirt, and a Disney princess graphic tee.  Really, tutus should be bought only if she’s in ballet — poor taste and early poseur status if that’s not the case! To offset my daughter’s naturally feminine tastes some key boys’ items bring some serious (cuteness) into the mix!

  • A Tommy Hilfiger boys’ blazer and boys’ Sperry loafers are sturdy additions for her Autumn/Winter wardrobe. If not loafers, saddle shoes are great too.
  • When fitting boys clothes on little girls I’ve noticed they are about a half size bigger.
  • For girls who hate pants and only want to wear dresses like mine new stockings are a must. Though I don’t like Old Navy because of generally poor quality they have EXCELLENT and CUTE stockings. I check them out every Fall.
  • Ralph Lauren is great for thick cotton dresses that can be layered with knits and still can keep her warm.
  • Luxurious fancy pieces are great to dress up and dress down.

Now onto some pictures…

H&M: Herringbone dress with embroidered bird and striped pink and white peter pan collar shirt

Zara boucle jacket

Zara pink knit dress, tights, and pink pleated skirt

Ralph Lauren dresses and Tommy Hilfiger Boys’ blazer

Crew cuts start printed tights, Old Navy apple print and rose print navy and blue stripe tights

School shoes! Sperry Boys’ loafers

We went to the Crew Cuts Fall Trunk Show at Montgomery Mall after ballet and their set up was so cute. Lots of great clothes, I got some star printed tights, balloons, little cupcakes, crayons, and lollipops for the kids. Here’s she is browsing wearing the new ballet shorts I knit for her.


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