Coco and the Kids of the New York Fashion Week!

The first time I covered NYFW I noticed the occasional mini-fierce femme hand in hand with her mother through intense bustle of the main tent in Lincoln Center. These little beauties were excused from class that day to accompany mother (mama the editor, the writer, and so forth) to work. Of celebrities with their children, I’ve seen it a couple times, notably Brooke Shields at a show I went to with her two school-age daughters. This year I was so happy I was able to share the fashion week experience with my Coco, when she visited me for a day in NYC. It is probably every journalist-parent’s greatest enjoyment to be away on assignment and have the child visit, even for a brief moment and I was lucky enough to bring her with me to the Custo Barcelona show which was PACKED and lively and perfect for an intense first experience. She is still talking about how she went to “fashion week” a week later when people ask her about Mommy’s work!





I also snapped pictures of any kids I happened to see at Lincoln Center as admittedly they really aren’t seen at the Chelsea shows/off-site presentations. SUPER CUTE, I think!


The youngest I ever saw, a mere infant!


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