Question and Answer at Opening Ceremony and the UNIQLO Fashion Night Out Celebration

It’s no secret I am a HUGE fan of Opening Ceremony and I had the awesome opportunity to attend a question and answer session with designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, moderated by Spike Jonze, at the Ace Hotel. They talked about the genesis of their company, the inspiration behind their collections and their aim for fashion to tell a story and give homage to old standards (like their Pendleton collection, which came from Humberto’s realization his thrifted flannel shirt collection was all Pendleton!). Carol and Humberto also talked about their long friendship, growing up Asian and fashion geekery since their teens. Interesting was Humberto’s discussion on mass fashion like H&M and TopShop and how it’s important the voices of mass brands stay distinct to stay interesting. The Q&A finished off with a book signing by the duo of their new hardback. They were so positive and sweet I kept thinking their success must be partially due to good karma. The energy you put out into the world…

Spike Jonze, Carol Lim, Humberto Leon

I also ran into my high school buddy Chris Goldteeth, the karaoke master, who was hosting the Opening Ceremony Korean-themed karaoke party.

The first day of New York Fashion Week also happened to coincide with Fashion Night Out in New York and Los Angeles so there were soooo many events. I had planned on going to Comme des Garcons’ party but was so exhausted and had a hard time rallying in time. I did go to UNIQLO’s since it’s near where I’m staying and they had a nail bar, sake and a DJ. Not bad. I heard from my best friend in Tokyo that there were nail bars all over Tokyo’s FNO. Must be a Japanese thing!

For video from the Q&A and the FNO celebration visit my Viddy!


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