Fashion to Feel Good About: Darfur Relief Beads Bracelet

Need a colorful everyday bracelet for the summer? Get a Darfur Relief Beads Bracelet like I did! I got mine at the Blue House in Bethesda.

The story of relief beads (taken from the website):

Relief Beads is a grassroots organization whose mission is to raise money and awareness for Relief International, a non-profit NGO, humanitarian efforts to provide relief for hungry children in Africa. Relief International’s programs are essential: they provide therapeutic care for thousands of children and they also provide many programs to increase the standards of living for refugees in desperate circumstances. 

Darfur Relief Beads

– 1 Relief Bead feeds a malnourished child for 1 week
– 5 Relief Beads brings a malnourished child back to good health
– 10 Relief Beads restores the well-being of 2 malnourished children
– 100 Relief Beads saves the lives of 20 children

Isn’t that awesome? So happy to be wearing this bracelet… I have also long loved African beads. After buying the Darfur relief beads I called up one of my best friends and sweetest guys I know who gave me a beautiful bracelet he made from Ghanian beads which he got while in the Peace Corps years ago. Actually, he’s given me two Ghanian bead bracelets, one was right after we first met in law school. Nate’s got one of the biggest hearts I know and buying the Darfur bracelet reminded me we had to catch up! The best gifts are handmade, from the heart!

Ghanian bead bracelet made by friend Nate


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