Golden Fishbone

Near VisArts is a shop called The Cottage Monet after seeing cute embroidered pillows in the window that had a Maryland theme — it reminded me of the cute shops on the Eastern Shore that have lots of Maryland nautical style knickknacks.

I haven’t really gone shopping in a while and decided to give myself a late-Mother’s Day present!! I got this totally strange, weird yet dainty gold fishbone bracelet with an amethyst eye!  It really spoke to me thinking of how much I love the ocean and how unique it is! A fishbone…. the fishbone also reminds me of my father… These days everyone has owl and key pendant etc necklaces and bracelets but no one has a fishbone! I spoke for a while to owner about the Julie Collection which is the line this fishbone bracelet comes from. It’s perfect for everyday use and certainly my new go-to.

Golden Fishbone (“Pesca Bracelet”) by the Julie Collection

I also bought the Moonflower fragrance by Thymes. A boss of mine introduced me to Thymes by giving me the Kimono Rose fragrance years ago. At the Cottage Monet they had a large collection of Thymes products and the Moonflower fragrance was so familiar and nostalgic to me, reminding me of the Calgon bubble bath scent from when I used to take bubble baths with my mom as a little kid! I had to get it.

Today I rocked a lightweight rose-printed button up that I can’t believe I found at Old Navy — it feels great and looks just as good. Normally, I loathe the poor quality and crappy style at Old Navy but wanted to get cheap basic tees. I was surprised this shirt was so cute!


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