Pageant Judging and Articles

I have been so busy lately!! This month has just been non-stop and today I think I’ve had the first afternoon I’ve had in a while where I could catch up on computer work and do some “fun” things so I read books to a couple classes at my daughter’s school this morning and am finally writing a blog entry.

So I’m going to be a judge in The Miss Teenage Philippines Beauty Pageant! I’m excited to do my best Miss J impersonation LOL! I My grandmother was a beauty pageant winner herself! This is a beautiful picture of her from the1930s from her pageant/modeling days.

Rest in Beauty Lola

It’s pretty cool, my whole family has been involved in this pageant in some form or another, so it’s finally my turn at the judicial table!

Also, updated my Fashion Journalism page with my latest articles. I actually just submitted my first article to a new magazine I’ll be contributing to, VAR Magazine. I’ll be in their upcoming print issue with one if not two feature articles!

Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to do a writeup on the Nordstrom Trend Show I attended this past weekend. It was a pretty good time, I got like three different makeovers lol!


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