Sweet Like Sin-namon

On my way to Woolly Mammoth, a pretty DC sunset behind me

I had a great President’s Day holiday, alternatively peaceful, creative, and busy! Checked out a couple model townhomes in the development I am thinking of purchasing a place, finished two paintings in the series I’ve been working on with my daughter, had lunch with her at our favorite Japanese homestyle cafe and had some cream zenzai!! Made the Filipino version called ginataan, too, on Sunday afternoon and actually caught the Timothy Olyphant interview on Leno this weekend, god he makes my ovaries hurt he is a stone fox!

Cream zenzai (善哉、ぜんざい)

Homemmade ginataan with adzuki beans (アズキ)

The trick for good ginataan sweet rice balls (a very mochi-like texture) is to make them with coconut milk not water! I made a super simple version because I didn’t have a lot of the usual additions (jackfruit, cooking bananas) so I added adzuki beans (アズキ) that I had in the pantry. Simple but still delicious!

My Basic Ginataan Recipe: Mochiko mixed with coconut milk to make the bolos (sweet rice balls), boil coconut milk, add adzuki beans, add the balls and boil for 10-15 minutes and then you’re done!

Last evening, after spending a nice afternoon with my kid, mom, aunt and cousin I also went to the kickoff show, held at Woolly Mammoth Theater, for DC Fashion Week which I’ll be covering for What’s Haute in the Streets this entire week. Check out my first article here!

Front-row at the DCFW show! I wore the fuzzy cardigan/jacket I got from LF in Soho when I was covering NYFW that I just looove and the Rumi boots. Also finally found a good match for the velvet Tucker for Target tank top that I’ve always liked but had a hard time matching, my maroon cord shorts!

Jacket and boots: LF, Cord shorts: Anthropologie, Velvet tank: Tucker for Target, Bracelets: Leather cuff handmade from Italy, Catholic saint icon bracelet from Peru

One of the crazy eco couture creations at the show!!


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