Big Dreams, Gangsta…

It’s been a really long time since I heard a new artist that really moved something in me… Lana del Rey is just blowing my mind. There’s so many images in her lyrics, vivid descriptions, and unique word combinations, highly poetic… and her singing is Cat Power x Nancy Sinatra gone gangsta rap. I love how she looks too, the red hair, the retro yet totally LA-girl style. I want to title every single entry from this point on until it gets tired, whether or not it makes sense, with a line of her lyrics. You good with that? Good, me too.

Let us proceed.

New Uniqlo blazer. Wanted an oversized blue blazer for a while. Love this one. Two Japanese brands at once, too, a Kitsune tee and an overly mismatched decision of black tights, a white lace skirt and the Rumi shoe from LF which OMG am I lucky I got, I thought they would’ve sold out of it months ago when it first came out at the beginning of the season! And I think I’ve got my ombre hair exactly where I want, loads of compliments on my hair at NYFW!

Here I am running around the ivy and tree-lined border of Northwest DC and Chevy Chase at sunset on my way to see my friend Susie. We went to the Freer Sackler for a Noodle and movie event featuring food by Taiwanese chef Hou Chun-Sheng and we were literally the last people to be able to get a taste of the food after standing in line for a good hour! Lucky or unlucky, still not sure about that…

Susie silly and I demure underneath DC streetlights…

Together we make one bad ass Asian fusion duo!


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