Hanging Out With Rumi and Meeting Elin at NYFW

Back home after an AMAZING weekend. I always love my job but this weekend reminded me exactly why I should be grateful to be doing what I love. Going over all my notes and pumping the Penguin Prison remix of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans and trying to pump my articles out. Time of course is of the essence and I’m getting my photos in from the photogs so the sartorial dissection has begun! Still keeping up to speed with everything up in NYC through Twitter and Facebook and looking forward to what my colleagues at Meets Obsession and Vigore! come up throughout the rest of the week!

I’ll be posting videos and pictures from the runway and in and around the events but I wanted to focus today’s post on hanging out with Rumi Neely and meeting Elin Kling!

Met Elin after the Tibi show where she was of course sat front row.

Elin modeling for H&M, Elin's magazine Style By Kling, Elin at NYFW, with Elin outside of Tibi

After the Venexiana show, I went to the party Rumi hosted at the Tribeca Grand and had a great conversation with her. I feel ambivalent writing about the details but I do want to say she is a really sweet, affectionate and down-to-earth girl. Not to mention fun! We tried to take so many pictures but they all kept getting Voodooed by the darkness…! Had a passing glance of BryanBoy too who co-hosted the event with good friend Rumi.

Rumi in Sweet magazine, with Rumi at the Tribeca Grand

With my good friend Becca who came out to see me, a couple more photos with Rumi at her table

I also met Miss J from America’s Next Top Model who by the way is super super tall. Also lovely, he was like Mickey Mouse, everyone was asking for a picture with him and he was a dear about it.


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