Packing for New York Fashion Week!

Last night I found out from two of my editors at Vigore and Meets Obsession, respectively, that I’d be covering shows at this year’s New York Fashion Week! Hopefully I’ll be able to capture some great street snaps for What’s Haute in the Streets as well. Super exciting as it is my first NYFW ever… Hopefully the first of many more. I’ll be a-tweeting and a-Facebooking live from the events for sure so stay tuned!

This is just one of those moments though where I have to say thanks to my Mom…. she really wanted me to go to NYC to cover fashion week. I was unsure at first, not knowing if I’d be able to fit it into my schedule but I’m really thankful and lucky for her encouragement and the support of both my parents.

Anyways, here’s a quick snap of what’s going in my weekender. Coming with me is some Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Brandy Melville, Chanel, John Eshaya, Stella McCartney, Tory Burch and a borrowed Ferragamo belt from my mother’s countless collection of Ferragamo belts to name a few.


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