How To: From Fingerpaintings to Valentines!

I had an entire wall in my place in California just full of my daughter’s fingerpaintings. Though I’ve moved I saved her fingerpaintings, every last single one of them, from the first one she did when she was 6 months to the last one she did, just before she turned two. I’m not the kind of mother that could throw anything away, from a fingerpainting to a trophy, I’d save it all and put it on display like my parents did with myself and my siblings. Actually, it’d be heartbreaking for me if I ever misplaced or lost her fingerpaintings they were very carefully handled and packed. What’s the point of a home if your children’s creativity and success are absent from it? One day I’d like to frame about 20-25 of her fingerpaintings and cover a wall again like my own wall of post-modern MoMA paintings! But even with that many framed there’d still be plenty left over!

So recently I was thinking of new art projects which could come out of some of these wonderful fingerpaintings and realized they’d be perfect for simple papercrafts such as some handmade cards! It was very easy, with some archival quality paper glue, scissors, the fingerpaintings and blank cards we had ourselves a project!

We made my mother’s birthday card and a card for my sister and soon-to-be brother in law! It was a good opportunity to talk about different shapes and colors as well.

My sister told me she initially thought the hearts were made of “fancy art paper” but loved it even more knowing they were made from the fingerpaintings! To keep all the hearts the same size I simply used one as a stencil.

And yesterday afternoon we made two Valentines! I carved the octopus linocut Sunday morning. It will be featured in more art work soon!


4 thoughts on “How To: From Fingerpaintings to Valentines!

  1. Beautiful. This takes me back to when my daughter Lauren was this age. It’s such a precious time. At 20 our time together consisted of phone calls requesting money. LOL

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