A Graffiti Feel

I have discovered that my daughter seems to have a natural way with watercolors. The spontaneity of her color choices and then how she brings them together is so intuitive and aesthetically pleasing and something I don’t think I could do as well even if I tried. Since we completed the piece below we’ve been working together on several mixed-media drawings and paintings. She loves painting so much and will do it up until bedtime. It’s been consuming, in that great artist obsessive way, to realize how much she is capable of and what she is so enthusiastic to learn. I’ve been researching more and more techniques, improving my own breadth of knowledge, as I try to come up with new things for her to do. In short, it’s fantastic.

Speaking of art I have added a new page, a Gallery featuring my work, check it out! 

The following is a mixed media piece of oil pastel, water color, and a linoleum block print I made in graduate school.

She did this almost entirely on her own, the underpainting, the watercolor wash.

She told me she wanted to use white so we did

Transferring the image from the linoleum block to the painting

The finished piece, “Bunnygirl”

And I’ve shared this on Twitter and Facebook already so why not here? Parents who create and share art and teach art to their children are incredible, big ups to one of my compatriots, Dicken Schrader and his beautiful Milah and Korben.


4 thoughts on “A Graffiti Feel

  1. I have seen my sister worth in these mediums before and the level of detail is amazing. This is a nice combination, I must suggest it to her.

    • Watercolor and oil pastel is a familiar duo for many fine artists. I am big on lino-cuts, woodblock painting, and screenprinting so I just knew, with the beautiful watercolor wash I wanted a silhouetted image.

  2. Sinta,

    Luck graces your daughter for having a mother who encourages her artistic pursuits at such a young age.

    I’ve worked hard to become an accomplished guitarist and often think how much better I would be had I not waited to pick up the instrument until I was 19 years old.

    It’s been shown the positive effects of exposing children early in life to learning. The sooner, the better. The more creative the activity, the more advantageous.

    Last year I read a book on jazz greats. It’s astonishing how many of them began their musical journeys before grade school.

    You are sowing a seed that shall blossom throughout your daughter’s life, and serve her no matter what occupation she eventually pursues. Well done.


    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment Carl. I think sharing anything, with others but especially our children, with enthusiasm and love is something that can’t be avoided even if we tried. And even if she someday decides art is not her thing I just hope I can expose her to as many things as possible so she can find her passion and have that be a source of comfort and inspiration for her throughout her life. You’ll have to tell me about some of those young Jazz greats, I am a big Jazz fan!

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