Musing on Menswear

Recently I’ve had menswear on the brain… Wrote an article written last week, the day after Pitti Uomo began, on Valentino’s brilliant A/W 2012 Collection that brings to mind all kinds of Parisian splendor… Also recently re-watched the hilarious The Office episode, “The Sting” guest starring Timothy Olyphant, which had me looking up his GQ spread this past December rocking buffalo check in this lone star dreamboat meets Burberry heaven… I’ve said many times I love the influence of traditional menswear on women’s fashion and though I don’t dissect it nearly as often or as much as I do women’s fashion I do deeply enjoy menswear when it’s done right… It’s so easy for men to be lazy in their fashion choices though in reality there is an abundance, and when I say abundance it is in the truly rich sense of the word, of choice for men outside of button downs and jeans.  Even men who “try” to be more fashionable, your typical “metrosexual”, BORES me with their choices. Deep V-necks, pointy-toed boots, and a blazer hardly seem creative when you really think about it…  Most guys don’t really have the chests you want to see that deeply to begin with! GONE are the days when men dressed like gentlemen, in fine suits, gloves, shoes and a hat to match.  I remember my grandfather dressing so…. But then again, it seems sometimes that gone are the days of gentlemen. In the modern age, to be cavalier is disfigured by foolish and misled young men as an emasculation, as though charm and kindness were a communicable disease to be avoided rather than an elegance attributable to good grooming and a strong sense of ethics. It’s abhorrent. I hold women in contempt who have failed to teach their sons manners… The truth of the matter is gentlemen, whether they dress the part or not, have it much better off than rude little boys but that’s another matter altogether…

Onto the pictures!

Recent favorites from Milan…

Valentino Fall 2012

Burberry Prosum 2012

Burberry Prosum 2012

Burberry Prosum 2012

Woolrich 2012

From GQ’s December 2011 Editorial and Interview with Timothy Olyphant

I love that he hasn’t colored over his grey and even though it’s been two decades since he swam in the NCAA he’s still got it!! I watched the season premiere of Justified on FX on Tuesday night, which is the only tv show I’ve ever reminded myself to watch other than The Office, and though I literally understood (I could’ve watched it on mute!) none of what was going on it was all worth it!


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