Mama’s Uniform!

Like many mothers I do have a bit of a “uniform” — coordinates mindlessly thrown on without having to think too much. Mine, normally consists of loafers, some interesting kind of shorts (I have an insane collection of shorts), a quality knit, and opaque tights. The outerwear varies greatly depending on how cold it is but I always have a hat, some kind of scarf and these camel lambskin and cashmere driving gloves.

Right now I have something like a million gift cards and the thick rib burgundy corduroy shorts and striped knit are new thanks to the cards! How many striped knits and shirts does one girl need?? I don’t know but I guess I obviously haven’t hit that point yet… It’s the East Coast in me. We love our stripes!!

Shorts: Anthropologie, Knit: J.Crew

Less artsy view of the whole coordinate… And voila, what a certain little girl’s mommy looks like in some form or another at least every other day!

Knit: J. Crew, Shorts: Anthropolgie, Tights: ?, Loafers: Bass

I found out shopping on Christmas Eve that Anthropologie releases children’s clothes at special times of the year (like the holidays) and when I got these shorts during a megasale I also bought my daughter the most adorable bubble knit. I guess for some reason they don’t see a need to stock children’s clothes except during big shopping times but I imagine Anthropologie would actually be quite successful with a year-round children’s line.


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