C is for Collars 襟

I recently wrote an article for Asian-Fusion (“Collared Away” published January 4, 2012″) about the collar trend which first made a splash on runways this Spring and then got picked up in Japan and has just been raging as a trend. With my November issue of ViVi I got a free collar through the ViVi x Murua collaboration, a pretty velveteen and cloth lace thing. Exciting and rare as ViVi very rarely does collaborations or has giveaways.


Here’s a couple different coordinates I’ve already worn it with!

With A Marching Band-style Cardigan

With a Crew-neck Sweater

Crop jacket and knit shorts: UO, Knit: Alexander Wang, Tights: Anna Sui, Collar: Murua, Wood and leather platforms: Rodebjer

From this Japanese ブロガー Crooz blog… Also looks great just worn necklace-style with a tee or loose knit! I only just found this blog while looking up the Murua collaboration but I liked the pictures because it has a picture of her with her child while wearing it! LOL! Just like me, always with my kid…

It’s a very ladylike and posh trend. Collars are just so eyecatching and interesting and a welcome trend in fashion that has not paid much attention to collars for a while.

Kana Oya in a collared dress from her personal blog


2 thoughts on “C is for Collars 襟

  1. Thank you! Admittedly they feel odd, a bit uncomfortable, when you first wear them but after enough times it’s like nothing. Give it a try!

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