Collaborations, Contributions, and Band of Outsiders Blog Pics

In the month of December I wrote articles on three fashionable and ambitious friends of mine all doing very cool things in the world of fashion. If you missed it when they were first published check out

“What to Wear Riding: An Interview with Equestrian and CEO of Pony Glam, Andrea Benavides Wise” in Wearever the Weather. December 21, 2011. (A friend I made in law school!)

“GlossyBox Japan: Subscription Beauty Product Delivery Hits Japan” in Asian Fusion. December 17, 2011. (A friend I made in high school!)

“An Interview with Linda Lay” in What’s Haute in the Streets. December 5, 2011. (A friend I made in art school!)

Finally had a chance to catch up with my cousin JJ, who was most recently featured on Nylon Guys (!!), over the holidays and I am currently working on article him too!

Starting this year off WRITE (lol!) with a new contribution gig and my debut article is currently a cover feature for avant garde fashion magazine, Vigore’s January 2012 issue — Boy. by Band of Outsiders Takes Inspiration from Diane Keaton. Check it out!!

This collection has a check dress in a similar pattern as the Band of Outsiders shirt I recently wore in an entry.

I was reading the Band of Outsiders blog recently and came across this picture, it’s just like my Albertus Swanepoel hat!!

More Band of Outsiders blog pictures I liked… All very clearly taken in Los Angeles.  Made me miss a concept of the city I knew briefly, many years ago.


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