Thankful for Clean Water

While listening to NPR a couple days ago I learned about this great cheap water filtration and health care system currently employed in some rural Indian villages and soon on it’s way to the Philippines. It has greatly improved the standard of living of the poor. It made me think about the basic necessities so many people worldwide don’t have and the self-centered and entitled view of many regarding their lives in the developed world. In the past two months I experienced a reflective thoughtfulness, lost to me for the past couple years with the exception of stolen moments here and there — either in a graduate school class, alone with my little girl or on vacation away from LA with my close-knit family. In the last two months though I have found life exponentially brilliant and peaceful, everyday noticing something worthy of pause about the world and the people I encounter. I am thankful everyday for clean water, morning fog over the treetops, coming from a happy family, good health, happy memories, love letters of all kinds, new attractions and connections with inspired minds, a long distance call from a friend, the radio on during a night drive, artful fascinations, loves old and new, my students, enjoying my work and laughing, always laughing everyday. The most wretched experience always seems to be one obsessed in anger and hatred…. Makes always for a pitiful, vulnerable, and repellant person. Actually makes me think of that awesome Kelly Oxford joke “homophobic slurs are a terrible way to tell everyone you think about c*cks a lot.” And actually that sums it up quite well, it is a vulgar joke to live in anything other thanksgiving for what we have, focus on the people we love and to never cease in trying to put more compassion and hope into the ether. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

PS. For Thanksgiving dinner fashion tips check out my article on Wearever the Weather.



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