Shaka & Paint

Tank: T & C Surf Designs Hawaii, Floral mini: Nollie, Hat: Madewell, Sunglasses: LF, Bangles: F21, Watch: Neff

When I was in Hawaii I scoped out the local surf shops hard, including T & C Surf Designs Hawaii. Love the repeated Shaka print on this T & C tank top spreading the Aloha!  Anyways, I didn’t think too much about this ensemble, I wonder if its obvious, its just been so absurdly hot here in LA for the past couple days all clothing choices are made to avoid melting. The sun on my legs, even during a brief walk, feels horrible!! I loathe it when the weather is so oppressive, hot or cold, that you become limited to  only a couple pieces in your closet. This skirt recently has been worn a lot on the weekends with easy tees, floral minis are total trend but like cut-off shorts make sense due to their comfort. Ahh but I miss sweaters!!  Can’t wait for autumn…

Back to painting a lot recently. Working with oil right now which I really haven’t before. My paintings were exclusively acrylic or mixed media. The time it takes for oil to dry in between layers is interesting, it gives for a much longer meditative quality to painting with so many days in between. It demands patience, a virtue which was self-indulgently absent in my personality as a younger person, but life and experience has demanded over time. It’s good, really good, to learn and know how to wait. With grace.


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