Super Comfy in Chloe

It is a mostly rare phenomenon that a cute or at least interesting outfit is super comfy. This skirt by Chloe is incredibly sheer (seems to be a combination blend of cotton and linen) so it stumped me for a bit how to wear without a slip. I really like clothes that are a bit of a challenge though, like AP Physics but for fashion… Ahh enter the oversized blouse with lace shoulders from H&M. Separately the two pieces are incredibly comfortable already, tied together with a standard issue belt by DKNY that I’ve had since high school, they are super duper comfy and the lightness of the fabrics are utterly perfect for the weight of daytime Valley heat but offer enough coverage for the cool evenings.

Despite the simplicity of the skirt, it is so pretty. Chloe is just otherworldly in its sartorial perfection.

Blouse: H&M, Skirt: Chloe, Bag: F21, Sandals: Victoria’s Secret Pink, Belt: DKNY, Pink coral bracelet


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