Guest Entry: The One and Only Nicky 6

Nicky 6, a man of great charm and impeccable taste, is the first dude I’ve trusted to write a guest entry for Hail to the Chic. Not to be confined to just the realm of women’s fashion these are his quick bullet points on the current trends in men’s fashion. Despite a rather staid profession as a lawyer his passion appears to most truly be fashion… oh and my sister Jo (he is her boyfriend lol)!  His excellent taste in purchasing her fashionable gifts is what prompted the invite to write for me. And no that doesn’t mean a Tiffany’s bracelet or an LV speedy, please, homeboy is much more cutting edge! Thanks again Nicky 6 for taking the time out of billing hours in London to play LA fashion blogger for a bit.

– Trending at the moment (whether for business or pleasure) is early-’70 revival (but only the iconic early ’70s).
– Outside work, think Steve McQueen’s 1972 Anchorage mugshot (all broad shirt collar and V-sign – as above) or arriving at the Cannes Film Festival fresh from the Moyenne Corniche (all Havana-framed 0714 Persols and black turtleneck, casually carrying a grey cashmere and tweed sports coat).

– Inside work, think Paul Newman in The Sting (all light blue shirt with dark blue-check, matching tie and pale grey, broad-lapel jacket with matching fedora). Think Michael Caine as Carter (the same as Newman, but with dark blue suit and with a shotgun instead of a fedora).

– Never, ever think Bee Gees. Shirts apparently made from my parent’s curtains (think the cover of To Whom It May Concern) are to be discouraged,


and the look from the cover of the Best of Bee Gees Volume 2 outright banned (the look is early ’70s, not early ’70s gay porn).

again - NO!

– For the sake of completeness, remember to only wear a belt with a suit if you’re an American and that big watches are very much in. Think Newman’s Rolex Daytona in Stainless Steel (if its one of the elusive ‘Newman’ models, even better) or a Breitling Emergency (think Breitling Emergency Mission to make sure its over half an inch thick).

– Oh, and unless you’re a Dutchman, red trousers or loafers are unacceptable at any time – or I’ll find a use for that shotgun. And no, I don’t care that Cavalli opened Milan men’s fashion week with a red suit.

(ed note: the Dutch thing? apparently it's a point of national pride for them. i personally think red pants are OK! but whateva)

Who is Nicky 6?

The man behind the above: Nicky 6 is an attorney focusing on international arbitration and commercial litigation in London. His hobbies include traveling, pretending to be from South Africa, and driving his girlfriend around. His style icons are Clyde Barrow, Bruce from ‘Swamp People’ (for finding his look and sticking with it), and Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE (1822–1915). He’s brand-loyal to Vilebrequin swim trunks, Turnbull & Asser shirts, and Church’s shoes. Ask him about his Harrods v Selfridges gender theory.

(Note from Jo: i know i’m a lucky girl. this is hopefully the first of at least a series of 2 or 3 that my sister at HTTC has asked my boyfriend at write on men’s fashion. it’s a running joke between the two of us that nick actually knows much more about haute couture than i do – for instance, he was the person who told me about the origins and significance of the chanel 2.55. he also knows the names of an impressive number of hermes scarves, by season. but don’t take my word for it…)


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