Raw Amethyst, Ruffle, and Denim Beating the Heat

Up close of shirt detailing and crystal necklace

After a Cuban dinner and baby was put to bed last night I spent the rest of the evening downloading Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus songs I’d lost along the years changing from one IPod to the next. In high school my good friend Elliot and I went to so many RHCP concerts and I’ve been grooving to Pretty Little Ditty since before I should’ve — grade school yo! John Frusciante is handsdown the dude that made me love guys with ink. Also been missing my buddy JV and our song was “Aqueous Transmission” so many lives ago. Anyways, super satisfying this morning pumping up the stereo.

Also satisfying is this outfit, seriously light enough to endure the 90 degree days we’ve had in the Valley – cant believe I’ve turned into a “Valley girl” (!?!!).  The shirt which I’d call Prairie x Victorian, although beautifully beautifully complicated with its ruffles is actually incredible light which I got from LF but had really not known how to wear. Ah-ha with vintage Levis, of course.  The bracelets I made myself, they are clay beads but have the earthy appearance of sandalwood which I also love to wear. The necklace is raw amethyst which is said to be very calming and to also help with lucid dreaming.  Anyways up super early this morning but despite the early rise even dawn felt hot hot hot!

PS. Anyone else seen the Winnie the Pooh commercial using the song “Somewhere Only We Know” — wow made me cry!!

Ok time to catch up on some article writing that took a backseat last month!


2 thoughts on “Raw Amethyst, Ruffle, and Denim Beating the Heat

    • I know and I srsly was always confused about how to wear the shirt. Its so pretty though and was on sale 70% off at LF!

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