Stonewash and Plaid on Cloudy Mornings

I’ve always liked the storms of summer, the silent electricity of heat lightning, and especially the dreary interlude of gray blue sky after the sunshine’s disappeared and just before it’s begun to rain. It’s when the wind picks up and it’s a perfect chance to run in an open field and let out some energy. Some people find it ominous, I’ve always found it comforting and a little cozy, like after all the heat, ice cream, and small wispy clothing it’s time for a sweatshirt and old radio mysteries. I guess that’s part of why I love sailing in the summer so much, I’ve always loved swimming, surfing, and being in the water somehow, but there’s always that possibility during a sail of the weather turning.  Stormy weather is a good thing for a person like me, prone to ennui.

If anyone’s ever heard that song by Soundgarden, “4th of July” they know it is a literally perfect tune for a heavy summer storm.

Great plaid shirt with chain detailing from Zara -- it's a Large! Kind of lame to think what a small looks like and how super tight! Blech. Miniskirt by BDG.

Yeah I love silly bandz!

This Navajo crossbody has been my go-to bag for the past couple weeks. By O'Neill. And I cut myself trying to open a WATER BOTTLE, crazy. Those are Snoopy bandages, my daughter loves Snoopy (I do too)!

Of course, as is typical of summer in the mid-Atlantic as soon as the rain comes it’s gone, and that afternoon was suddenly full of humid sun.


5 thoughts on “Stonewash and Plaid on Cloudy Mornings

    • in california kyle does, in md/hawaii its been my mom – she actually has a wonderful eye for pictures i think!!

      i am trying to find snoopy silly bandz, saw them once but didnt purchase now im regretting haha

  1. i love the combo! i’ve started buying items one or two sizes bigger too .. i’m so glad skintight is not the trend right now.

    check out my blog!

  2. so awesome! you took a picture by my friend’s package store! haha! I love summer and love it when it rains to cool off the heat!

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