Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and Me

The desert is an interesting place and in certain places and at certain times of the day hypnotic and intoxicating. It’s extreme temperatures are too visceral for fiction but it’s that extremity, the largeness of the land and sky, the absolute solitude, the confusion between where the mountains end and the clouds begin that make it otherworldly. Compared to sleeping in the woods or jungle nature’s surround sound in the desert is quiet, very quiet with maybe the occasional howl of coyotes.  I can’t remember dreams I’ve had in the desert, they are stolen in the night, lost in the quarries and cacti.

Recently while going through Etsy browsing handmade feather headpieces I came across TheDesertChild and subsequently google-stalked her blogspot. Having camped in the Mojave, the Eastern Sierras, Joshua Tree and knowing that desert drive to Palm Springs I have a modern and also very personal impression of the desert which I adore. Memories with friends, pets, and other loves…

But these pictures also create something more for me. During a drive across the country, New Mexico in particular was so enchanting, with it’s red earth and it’s vena cava canyons. It is difficult to believe in that prehistoric era where water carved through sediment and stone. It is like a lie of science, like the lies of small pox blankets or Manifest Destiny. The bruised purples of the American desert sky and it’s adobe insist on the eternity of heat and dryness, the myth of water. Anyways, I kept expecting Pocahontas to run across the two lane endless stretches of highway, in feathers and fierceness, beyond capture, beyond control.  Obviously my imagination was totally captivated by the pictures below as soon as I saw them.

Who can we credit for the Native American trend that is POPPIN? Maybe all the Pendleton collaborations – Levis and Opening Ceremony, Hurley, too. Speaking of Hurley the surfer brands (Obey, for instance) have embraced it so much which is interesting since there’s no water in the desert?!  Well surfers are a nomadic and free spirited tribe, perhaps a camp in the desert before the trek to the ocean!


2 thoughts on “Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and Me

    • you look absolutely beautiful, thanks for putting these pictures out into the ether! hope to see more stuff from you!

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