High-Waist Levis Shorts

I did it, I jumped on the high-waist shorts bandwagon and instead of going unnecessarily high fashion for a retro inspired trend it seemed most genuine to keep it real with Levis! These vintage jeans were styled and distressed by Furst of a Kind available right now at LF. There’s no “size” you just have to eye the many pairs they have for what seems to fit best – kind of fun actually. Anyways rolled out of bed threw this on and did some stretches on the balcony on a fine California morning…

Moody lighting here huh? 730am in California... Yes, that's when we Mommys get up in the morning. Native American Print Crop Top by AE, No Makeup or Jewelry on by It's Too Early Give Me a Break!!

By the way my sister is running for charity! To contribute to VSO an aid organization visit her sponsorship page because nothing is more stylish than spreading help and hope!


4 thoughts on “High-Waist Levis Shorts

  1. I have wanted to try this look – every time I look at the hipster chicks in the Urban Outfitters catalogs. Worn with some flat, leather sandals or men’s shoes… but you have to have the legs for it, I’m convinced.

    • i think the number one necessity for short shorts is being thin and girl you got that covered!! 😉

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