Literary Tees, A Response to “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl”

So circulating for a while now has been this thoughtful and honest article by Charles Warnke called “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl” on men who choose women who don’t read and how that life and love works out painfully unsatisfyingly for them.  I’m sure lots of us have encountered women who have pretended to be “dumb” to get attention and/or make sure they aren’t off putting to men. This “dumb act” is far from cute but misled, unfortunate and plays into pathologies of only the most insecure men. So if you want a man made of matchsticks who doesn’t expect much from you or except for the most superficial level himself, I suppose go for it. What I find most artful in this article is the insight and dissection of what reading means and what a reader is, how a love of literature plays a role not just as a hobby in our lives or job (where writers are concerned) but how a life is lived and love experienced. The argument, the more you read, the deeper your empathy and the greater your inner life and thus capacity to love is a compelling one. A genius article by a 21-year old writer from Northern California!

While on Trendhunter a couple weeks ago I found out about Out of Print, a t-shirt company which sells shirts featuring first edition covers of great novels!  What is great is that they not only have a men and women’s line but shirts for kids!!!

Thinking of one of these two for my daughter. At 16 months she added to her growing vocabulary “book” to which I was very proud!

I like these two from the women’s line as I am a big fan of both Nabokov and Salinger.

Now I didn’t purchase the shirt below from Out of Print but from Urban Outfitters a couple years ago, my first year in my MFA program while I happened to be taking a class from one of my favorite professors, an expert on the Beat Generation.  Loved the Beats for a long time, Diane Di Prima, Gary Snyder, and of course Kerouac being my favorites. I love this novel by Kerouac and also the bridge graphic, having always had a soft spot of San Francisco.  Many memorable things have happened to me in San Francisco, I dreamt for years of a certain event happening there and it ended up happening with a precision nothing short of karmic.

A love of books is one of the greatest gift you can really give your child. It nurtures their soul, their wonder of the world, their confidence in their intelligence, and well, don’t all those things help us understand each other and therefore love?

To the bimbos of the world, guess what, your time is up, that is if your clock ever truly began.  Open up a book, it’ll do you some good.


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