How To At-home Ombre Hair & Neurotrim Review

My current ombre! With my daughter who actually has the most beautiful hair color ever but really, children have beautiful hair!

According to my site stats this entry I wrote a while ago continues to be one of my most popular entries under the specific search terms “ombre hair” and “asian ombre hair.”  I think ombre is meant to be a pretty natural look but would also look pretty rad and avant garde on Asian girls who are less ambiguous looking too!  Especially if the ombre is extreme with very blonde tips and dark roots. I’m an authority on avant garde too, right? MFA to prove it!  HA! Anyways, it cracked me up and still does that this big celeb trend (Rachel Bilson’s is really good, Lauren Conrad’s is lame, Hillary Duff’s sister’s is bad) is what I was having my stylist do for a while as I was transitioning out of light hair back to dark but wanted to keep that beachy breezy sufer girl look. For chicks in LA, no one is better than Janna Hines who is off Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.  Tell her Sinta sent you!

ALSO, this is a great color for pregnant girls as you will not be coloring your roots and the risks with dye/pregnancy is therefore a non-issue!!

The timeline went as follows:

Summer 2007

Spring 2008

Late-Spring 2008. As you can see next to a real blonde the tone is considerably warmer/darker.

Perfect ombre. Late-Summer 2008. Check out the purposeful gradation from a chestnut brown root to perfectly golden towards the tips!

Autumn 2008. Natural black roots with dark brown.

Anyways, this is certainly an easy look to do at home.  For chicks with brown to naturally lighter hair to get ombre’d out is extremely easy, all you gotta do is choose your blonde of choice at the market but only apply it to the tips. And voila, ombre!  For Azn girlz it is a harder task given the coarseness of their hair and the richness of the black hair color so if you’re going to do it yourself I suggest you take a couple weeks and slowly lighten it to ease your hair into the bleach/peroxide/hair color mix you’ve got going on. If you’re going to a stylist of course make sure whoever it is has a lot of experience working with turning asian hair blonde! Recently, after the two years of having dark hair and wanting a change I decided to try doing it myself using the Satin products sold at a beauty supply store near my home. And instead of doing a more gradual look I wanted a much more extreme ombre.

After the first lightening of the tips!

Fast forward four weeks and this is the fifth lightening! The gradual process really helped with getting to the color I wanted without being able to gauge slowly how much lighter I wanted to go!

The fifth lightening!

Upclose of the gradation

I like how subtle the blonde tips look like with indoor shots!

Look at the hypnotized Family Guy on TV eyes!!! And, ok this isnt so much about the hair as it is about PUMPING UP In-N-Out!!

I’m pretty happy with how it looks right now and my hair, once dyed light, lightens up very very easily afterwards.  Maybe it’s because it’s so sunny in SoCal I don’t know, so I’m looking forward to watching it naturally get lighter at the tips as well!

 Neurotrim Review

So I live right next a Gelson’s which to my East Coast readers is a somewhat fancy grocery – not a Giant coz they don’t have coupons but not exactly Balducci’s either. They have a lot of international food, a hooked up deli/pre-made food area and also a fine selection of organic and specialty items.  One of these items that they recently had on sale which I decided to dry was a drink called Neurotrim.

Ok, so I LOVE gimmicky drinks. Like Borba that’s supposed to make your skin perfect and how Smart Water is easier absorbed by the body so you’re better hydrated (I DO swear I have to drink less of this water if I’m drinking it! Better absorption, very possible). So when I read the bottle and saw it’s supposed to help you slim down as an appetite suppressant and energy weight loss aid I figured I’d try it. They also have other kinds like Neurocalm or something to help you sleep better, one to make you happy (I want to try it!), one that makes you smarter and even one so you have a lot of energy for sex lol!

So yeah this stuff  works! It suppresses your appetite in the most natural way. The first time I drank it was after arriving at the park with my daughter and while she was playing I noticed I was feeling hungry. Not wanting to eat the snacks I brought for her and having just arrived I opened up the bottle to see if it worked. AND IT DID. I drank half the bottle and amazingly 30 minutes went by as we played in the sandbox and I realized I was NO LONGER HUNGRY.  It was like a nice calm satisfied feeling.  I finished the bottle and felt energized buu found no insane surge or energy nor did I have trouble sleeping that evening. I looked it up and apparently lots of celebrities drink this stuff, Lady Gaga has it delivered to her by the truck load when she’s on tour! It is a fine taste, like lemonade and apparently it’s made of a Japanese jelly (same kind of jelly in the snacks my bro and sis loved as kids) that slowly expands in your tummy to make you feel full despite only being 30 kcal!

It’s a bit pricey so I can’t get hardcore on the Neurotrim diet which according to some reviews has helped people drop two dress sizes but it’s kind of a nice tool to have in your back pocket or like if you eat too much for lunch and feel guilty and want to not be a pig at dinner! Due to some medications I take I actually have a very very weak appetite as it is so I definitely do see this as just a “good thing to know” – also good for busy mothers to know about!! 😉 But really, I want to try some of the Neuro-happy stuff! Perhaps in my next review!


8 thoughts on “How To At-home Ombre Hair & Neurotrim Review

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  2. hi, i was wondering what color you used for your dye? and did you leave it the dye in your hair for only as long as the instructions told you to, or did you leave it in longer? and with every week that you dyed it, did you dye a smaller and smaller section of hair, or just the same section over and over? sorry for all the questions, i’m really interested in going for the ombre hair look and i’m looking to do it myself instead of going to a salon. thank you!

    • hi ash, i’m sorry i don’t remember the specific dye but i’d recommend you stay away from any “warm” blondes and go for cooler ones as the natural red in black asian hair has to be avoided. i did a large chunk of hair the first time and as it went on did only the tips so you have a gradated look! let me know if you have any other questions and good luck…. remember if you’re in doubt and also want to keep your texture nice the longer it takes for you to dye over time the more control you have over it!

  3. thanks so much answering my questions! when i looked up other how-to articles online, some people recommended choosing a color that was 4-5 shades lighter than your natural hair color. did you just go with a cool blonde kind of color, or something more like a brownish blonde color? (as in, did you pick a dye that was much much lighter and definitely blonde, or one that was less crazy and say maybe more like a really light honey brown?)

    • no prob hon… i went with a cool color that i wanted, as i was using satin’s 40 developer i knew it’d lighten up hardcore and could get me whatever color i chose. oh that’s definitely the trick too, use a powerful developer but for not too long or your hair will break off! let me know how it goes

  4. thanks again! sorry i got one more question, and it should be the last one. for the time you left the dye in your hair, did you just follow the instructions on the box? how long did you leave it in for, if you didn’t follow the instructions. again, thank you so much! i really appreciate your help. (:

    • for the first several times i used developer 30 and kept it in about an hour, the last time with developer 40 only 20 minutes. be careful coz like i said you dont want your hair to split off! goodluck!

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