Model Blogs I Read, Illustration, & Tari

I’ve long had a tumblr that I largely ignored until recently when I finally realized what to do with it. For someone who has a lot to say microblogging seemed pretty unsatisfying but now I’ve been using it to purge all these images that are constantly floating around inside my head.  Just like how I use Twitter to talk shit about everything I don’t like lol.

As a writer I will often post photos of someone/something/someplace on the wall/board above my computer that has helped to inspire a story — I am very visual like that.  So now I guess I am using my tumblr as an outlet.  For a couple days all I was posting was art I’ve got on my computer.  I love illustration!!  I check Cgunit and Indiesart regularly.  And afterwards I decided the blog needed a revamp. The border is now featuring a beautiful illustration by Jessica Singh.  Also added new pages to direct you to other writing I have on the web as well as updating my About Sinta section!

manuel rebollo

joshua petker

self portrait... feeling inspired by rebollo and petker lol!!

Recently while answering calls for submissions I found a job posting to be the writer for a model’s blog.  Of course we all know that virtually no pop cultural celebrity in America writes their own blogs by themselves, most of them are functionally illiterate — but then again I don’t actually write this blog.  Didn’t you know I’ve hired a more talented, unknown ghost writer to do it?  Duh! 😉 Ok ok all jokes aside it did make me think about some of the model blogs I do visit with regularity.  They’re almost primarily in Japanese but from what I can tell they’re mostly short quips, comments about their delicious lifestyle of traveling to exciting places for shoots, having people do their hair and make up, and mostly inane comments about food they like/favorite make up/a song they can’t stop listening to.  The terseness and overall nice but dull writing makes me believe most of these girls are writing their own stuff though it doesn’t matter much to me – what I really love are the photos. I only visit the blogs that seem to have a kind of artfulness to the photographs.

sittin pretty

yeah, can i get my haircuts did by the ocean? thanks!!

yeah, hon, take pictures of them workin for ya!

cool, easy outfit. thanks for sharing!

great hair, great legs, great bag



what a happy photo!


There is also an English-native speaker model whose blog I love to visit is Mara Lane’s.  It’s so sweet, very earnest and full of joy.  I don’t remember exactly how I came across it but was amazed to also find she is as insanely beautiful outside (kind of like a mixed-Asian Angelina Jolie) as she seems to be inside.

from a wonderful album of hers showing "the real south east asia"!! big ups SE ASIA!!

Also, right now I am currently writing the newsletter and blog for Tari, a vintage couture boutique in DC.  I’m really excited and happy to be part of this project and it’s a nice way for me to feel like I’m still part of “life” back at home.  For all my DC friends and readers Tari is really gearing up with a lot events.  Definitely check out the website for more details.  They also offer private appointments, personal shopping, and if you’ve got the goods they’ll go to your house – no more waiting around at consignment shops!


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